Branislav Gjorchevski

Automation | Platform

Branislav ‘Banne’ Gjorcevski, Banne has an extensive experience automating and developing robust solutions with complex data flows and business models.

For the past 17 years, Branislav ‘Banne’ Gjorcevski has been guiding dozens of companies expand revenue models with innovative technology solutions to transform/scale their technology infrastructure. Working with companies big and small, the goals have always been innovation, corporate growth, automation, infrastructure scaling, and positive transformation. As part of any board, his focus is the business of technology, ROI, talent & corporate growth.

He believes that positive transformation is possible for any organization. He helps them achieve growth by implementing strategies that:
– Proactively listen to the market and adapt to its needs
– Practice nimble business model flexibility
– Evolve their revenue model and business development strategy
– Streamline and automate operational processes
– Embrace innovation in agile manner
– Deploy technologies that grow talent by automating employee lifecycle, promote corporate culture and unique talent strategies

Results: Maximum Automation, Embedded Innovation, Reduced Overhead, Risk Mitigation & Compliance Distinct & Unique Corporate Culture, and finally…Exponential Revenue Growth