Dan Lorenz

Exec Coach | Leaders Dev. | Platform | Project Manager

Dan is Passionate about Helping Leaders Lead.

Prior to founding Joe Knows, Dan founded and led contracting, service, training and development businesses. Over 20+ years these businesses grew to operate in 9 locations in a multi-state region.

“Over the years, we have tried to grow our businesses profitably. What I have learned is that-Achieving High Performance, is Hard. We focused on developing our systems and processes. This was good, but we should have focused on our People systems and processes first, with a focus on front line professional and leadership development.”

Throughout his more than 30 years of industry experience and company ownership, Dan has exemplified his commitment to excellence, safety, on-time project completion and team success to ensure client satisfaction. Dan has also been awarded the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year twice and is a Cornerstone Award winner for leadership in the commercial construction industry. Other insights:

  • Millennials Want and Need Leadership.
  • Maximize Your Current Staff First.
  • Focus on Front-Line Leadership.
  • Find the Ready Students.
  • Leadership Needs Help, Invest in Tools and Resources.